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About Us

Feraz was born through cutting-edge technology and the most advanced software.

Our story

We started operations in the year 2001, when a group of entrepreneurs, who had been working in renowned international accounting and consulting firms, joined forces with a group of expert computer systems engineers. With this collaboration, systems have been designed and developed to provide comprehensive solutions in the areas of accounting and business administration.




Want to try Feraz as your accounting and finance system?

  • No matter your business sector, we offer solutions for any type of business.
  • Automate accounting and finance activities.
  • Share notices and receive responses through the platform.
  • All those transactions and important documents for your company will be in the cloud.
  • Access the platform from anywhere and at any time.
  • You will improve the internal operations of your company.


Team member 1

Ma. Cristina Mayorga

Project Manager

Team member 2

Carlos García

Project Manager

Team member 3

José Morales

Project Manager

Team member 4

José Mendoza

Payroll Project Manager

Team member 5

Emilio Casarrubias